10 Ways To Improve Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is essential for improving engagement and productivity. If your workers are not motivated enough, everything will fail. Here are ten ways you can motivate your employees and inspire them to do great deeds.

1. Set Small Goals

Instead of trying to achieve something huge, start out small and take baby steps. You don’t need to demand a lot from your employees all at once, but rather ask them to move at a steady pace.

Remember that achieving something small is easier than doing so for a bigger aim. Motivation stems from the feeling of happiness your employees get when they are successful at doing something. This is why small goals work better than bigger ones.


2. Encourage Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work! By encouraging teamwork, you prompt your employees to collaborate on a single task and complete it together as one whole rather than individually. This relieves stress partially as a single person will not have to be entirely responsible for something too major.

When your employees work as a team, they divide tasks among themselves and work more efficiently which leads to faster completion of the project. Your team members will be motivated and inspired to continue working together on new projects and will be more confident in their abilities.

3. Continue Learning

Never forget about one thing: we learn throughout our whole lives. This also means that your employees must continue learning in order to feel more motivated to complete more difficult or complicated tasks that require advanced skills.

You can hold regular lectures and workshops inviting experts from your field to train your workers. When it comes to new employees, make sure to provide them with a training course that will prepare them for their position in your company.


4. Change the Scenery

Sometimes the problem lies not within but without and changing the scenery can help a lot. If your organization has stayed in one office for a decade, it’s probably time to change the design or even move to a different location. You could also consider offering remote working.

Alternatively, if you want to change everything entirely, you can take your team to a local café or public workspace. This is especially great for those who only require a laptop to complete their work, so they can sit in such places while still continuing doing their tasks. It may sound insane at first, but it actually depends on what kind of company you have and who your employees are.

5. Celebrate Success

“Our team always celebrates success. I think that this is the fun part of my job because this is the time when I feel like I’ve done something very important and I can finally appreciate my hard work along with my colleagues,” says Kristin Savage, writer at Studicus.

Indeed, celebrating success is crucial for keeping your employees motivated. Show them that you appreciate what they do and want to see more of it. After all, working together for a common aim is great but achieving it feels even better.


6. Reward Achievements

This one is directly related to the previous point. By rewarding achievements, you not only show your appreciation but also make them matter in a way that gives your employees actual materialistic benefits.

For example, you could give our rewards in the form of gift cards to different shops your employees like visiting. Or you could take everyone out to a restaurant. Alternatively, consider allowing your best workers to get more vacation days. Anything works as long as it has value for your employees and they are happy about getting it.

7. Provide Security

Everyone wants to have a stable life and feel like they can rely on what they have at the moment. This is why providing your employees with a sense of security will make them more motivated to work harder and better.

Try to show them that they don’t need to worry about minor issues and can focus on the matter at hand. This will keep them more dedicated to their job and loyal to your company. However, keep in mind that security may come in different forms so you can try and experiment with this and that until you find something suitable.


8. Stay Positive

Staying positive is the definition of motivation. Make sure that your employees feel happy and satisfied to keep them motivated. You can send them different motivational articles or being an optimist around them to make them happy too. After all, happiness is contagious.

9. Find Purpose

One of the reasons why your employees may be unhappy is because they don’t have a purpose either in life or at work. They go to their job just for the money or to kill time. Sometimes this lack of motivation occurs because they don’t understand the mission of your organization, so all it takes is for you to explain it and clearly define it to them.


10. Exercise & Take Breaks

Last but not least, make sure that your employees take regular breaks and exercise (even next to their workstation). Exercising helps your workers stay healthy and improves their mood which, in turn, improves their motivation. Also, make sure that the breaks your workers take are truly regular as nobody would want to overwork themselves. If there are any workaholics in your team, you must still make them rest once in a while or they can get exhausted easily.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s really not that complicated to inspire your employees once you know what aspects you have to improve. Take into consideration the advice in this article and make sure to implement it into the daily life and workflow of your employees.

Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Besides working as a contributor writer for TrustMyPaper, Diana also runs her own blog. What inspires her the most in her writing is travelling and meeting new people. Follow her on Twitter.



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